15 June 2021     |     Jolán, Vid

About us

BÁNÁT’ Serbian Cultural Non-Profit Association Deszk

Deszk is situated in the South of Hungary in Csongrad county, ten kilometers from Szeged, in the northernmost part of the geographical area, Banat. The population of the village is 3700, of which 120 belongs to the Serbian minority. If you ask the inhabitants what Deszk is famous for, it is certain that the cultural life of the Serbians will be mentioned among the first, what is represented by our association, ’Bánát Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble’. During many years of our work, which goes back to the post-Second World War period, we acquired national and international reputation. Our most important task is to preserve the Serbian culture, folklore, folk dance, language and to transmit them to future generations. Thanks to our serious and persistent work we participate in various folklore and qualifying tournaments with great success. We traveled throughout Hungary and introduced ourselves in several countries and places, like Serbia, Poland, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Malta, Madeira, Sardinia, Romania, Ukraine and Tunisia. Among the many awards which we have won over the years, ’Saint Sava’ prize is the most prominent which we were able to recieve from Patriarch Pavle. Our association succeeded to acquire the highest award among the Serbians living in Hungary - the Saint Sava prize - two times. For more than a decade in the Serbian Folklore Festival in Europe we achived podium finishes - three gold, four silver and three bronze- and a number of special awards. Our broadcast contains Serbian folk music, folk dances and folk songs with an emphasis on the Banat region. Banat Serbian Cultural Non-Profit Association’s principal place of activities is the ’Saint Sava’ Serbian Cultural, Religious and Educational Center.

PIT 1% support:

In 2007: 421 022 HUF
In 2008: 216 804 HUF
In 2009: 253 771 HUF
In 2010: 170 822 HUF
In 2011: 143 959 HUF

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